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Instruction and coaching in the authentic Pilates Method, as invented by Joseph Pilates and taught to us directly by his protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. 

Through individual training, you will learn each exercise safely, accurately, and effectively. Your instructor will administer corrections, monitor progress, and suggest adjustments to achieve optimal benefits and unrestricted results. Park East Pilates has got your back!

We offer private sessions purchased individually or as part of a session credit bundle.  Bundles allow for discounted rates.


1 session at $150 per session.  Buy Me

12 sessions at $125 per session expires 2 months from first session. Buy Me

25 sessions at $120 per session expires 4 months from first session. Buy Me

50 sessions at $115 per session expires 6 months from first session. Buy Me

100 sessions at $100 per session expires 1 year from first session.  Buy Me



Foundation Series

Whether you’re new to Pilates or just need a tune up, this series of three 55-minute private sessions serves as the foundation for your future exercises. With a focus on correcting your form and aligning your body, your muscles will finally work the way they’re meant to work, all together. By the end of the series, you can expect to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, both in and out of Park East Pilates. Set your body up for success! Buy Me


Signature Six Pack

Six signature 55-minute private sessions. A customized journey through Pilates designed to elevate your body, mind and spirit.

Beginning with a brief check-in, each workout is optimized and tailored to your body. Following this, you will be led through a series of authentic Pilates exercises utilizing equipment such as the Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Electric-, Wunda-, and Arm Chairs, Pedi-Pole, Swedish Bars, and more while emphasizing breath, alignment, lengthening and lifting of your body.

Our goal is to leave you feeling empowered and ready for wherever your day may take you. Buy Me



BLUEPRINT Assessment Consultation

This personalized program includes a 360 degree lifestyle evaluation. During this session we look at posture, strengths, the aspects that elevate your performance as well as barriers that limit your capability. You will discover your true goals and leave this session with a customized and comprehensive game plan serving as the blueprint to re-establishing your body's natural balance. Buy Me


Give someone you love the gift of a lean, powerful and free body! 

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