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Monday, November 28, 2016 at 6PM - 7:30PM

Park East Pilates, Upper East Side. 

1045 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10075


About This Workshop

We've teamed up with our friend, certified holistic health, nutrition and fitness expert Emmanuelle Galland, to show you how to eat, sleep, and exercise your way to the top! 



  • How to start physical transformation by changing mindset
  • Eating for success: How to eat with your end goal in mind
    • Nutrition basics
    • Food energetics
    • Digestion and Nutrient Absorption are two different things
    • The Circle of Life
    • Nutrition beyond the food: sleep for clarity and youthfulness; exercise for strength and longevity; build supportive and nurturing relationships and slow down to focus and innovate.
  • How to create a winning lifestyle which is filled with reinforcing and supportive habits
  • Details about the Park East Pilates Feeding Success and Zenberry 30-Day Challenge

About The Instructor

Emmanuelle Galland, Author, Holistic Health, Nutrition and Fitness Specialist

Emma is a certified holistic health, nutrition and fitness coach, owner of Goji Fitness LLC, and co-creator of Zenberry, a raw, vegan, organic/ wild-crafted, non-GMO superfood protein drink mix ( She is also the author of "Feeding Success: A Nutrition Blueprint for Busy Professionals and Business Travelers", a public speaker and a corporate wellness consultant. Her sweet spot is to organize 5,10 and 30-day health challenges for companies and speak on the topics of eating for energy, healthy travel, and how to detox the body occasionally throughout the year.

Emma believes that career advancement and success finds its roots and forms of expression in our health. What we eat, how we sleep, exercise, build supportive relationships in our lives and practice consciousness directly affects our performance everywhere, including in our career.

As a former director in a big 4 consulting firm with 15 years of experience traveling weekly for work, she found that her career advancement mirrored the quality of her health. The more vibrantly healthy she was, the faster she moved up the ladder, getting the best projects, the best clients, the best teams and the best bosses. She felt attractive. The reverse was true, when she burnt out at 30 years old, she was not shining at work nor in her personal relationships. 

Emma helps people get back to the basics of eating right and creating the lifestyle which makes them feel the way they want to feel and project in the workplace, in their social interaction, and in the broader world.