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We are here to upgrade lives.


Our instructors understand the integral purpose of each exercise in the Pilates Method, as invented by Joseph Pilates and taught to us directly by his protégé, Romana Kryzanowska.

Through individual training, you will learn each exercise safely, accurately, and effectively. Your instructor will administer corrections, monitor progress, and suggest adjustments to achieve optimal benefits and unrestricted results.

We work with adults committed to living an active lifestyle.  

Raise your game to any level with the coaching and support of our authentically certified instructors.


Meet Your Team

Sharyl M. Curry, Founder & Principal Instructor

Born and raised in Germany, Sharyl has worked and lived in NYC since 1995.  After attending The Ailey School Professional Division from 1995 - 1998, Sharyl earned certification at The Pilates Studio under the guidance of Romana Kryzanowska in 1999 and founded Park East Pilates a year later. She is Pilates Guild certified. Sharyl studied Philosophy at Hunter College from 2004 to 2006. From this experience she designed the studio’s environment to foster a collaborative exchange of knowledge, and developed its practice to strengthen the clear lines of physiological connectivity.

"No design is possible until the materials with which you design are completely understood."

               - Mies van der Rohe

Jamie Graham,   Principal Instructor

Jamie Graham is a classical Pilates instructor and professional dancer based in New York City. She began studying Pilates at age twelve as part of her ballet training at Virginia School of The Arts and has used Pilates ever since to build strength and flexibility, and to stay injury free. Jamie holds a BFA in Dance and BA in English Literature from Webster University in St. Louis, MO.  While enrolled in a year of post graduate study at CODARTS University for the Arts in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Jamie met Marjorie Oron, Teacher Trainer and European Regional Director of the Romana's Pilates organization.  Jamie was inspired to begin her teacher training in The Hague, and completed her teaching certification through Romanaʼs Pilates at True Pilates New York in 2007. Since then she has taught at True Pilates East and Equinox Fitness, where she also taught group fitness and managed the Murry Hill studio from 2007-2012. When Jamie is not teaching Pilates, she divides her time between dance projects, hanging out in her neighborhood, Clinton Hill, and getting up to the Hudson Valley. 


Annie Rodriguez,   Senior Instructor

Annie Rodriguez hails from the Blueridge Mountains of Virginia where she started dancing just as soon as she could walk. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she studied ballet and environmental studies but eventually discovered her true passions for African dance and human geography. She then spent her formative years dancing professionally and working as a paralegal before moving to NYC to pursue her Master's in Africana Studies and Dance at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU. Splitting her time between Brooklyn and Guinea, West Africa, Annie co-directed an international African dance workshop in Conakry, started a cultural arts nonprofit, and deepened her knowledge of Guinean dance, which she has brought to her work as a barre and dance fitness instructor ever since. She is certified in Romana's Pilates through True Pilates New York and loves nothing more than helping clients change their bodies and feel wonderful from their movement practice. When not dancing or teaching, Annie can be found cooking, listening to music, and eating spicy things.

Liza Ard, Principal Instructor


Liza Ard grew up in Texas with a healthy sense of curiosity and an excess of energy.  Later, she settled down and went to Princeton University to study Molecular Biology. After finishing school, she promptly moved to her dream city, New York.  She began to practice Pilates at the famous Drago’s Gym in 2002 under Edwina Fontaine, a former Balanchine dancer who taught alongside Joe and Clara Pilates. After her first lesson she was hooked, and decided to become a teacher.  She was trained directly by Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo and began teaching in 2003 at Drago’s Gym (now True Pilates New York).  Since then,  she has been teaching in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia and has been a contributor to Pilates Style Magazine. She continues to love teaching and learning from her clients.


Avél Juliette HM, Studio Coordinator

A South Florida native, Avél has been living and working in New York City for the last 6 years. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree of Science from Florida State University, Avél moved to New York to pursue a dream of acting and life experience. Not long thereafter, Avél and Sharyl met and began working together on all things Park East Pilates. Although her home base is now in Hollywood, FL, Avél remains active and invested in the well-being and success of Park East Pilates. As Studio Coordinator and Business Consultant, she diligently strives to bring balance and clarity to every task that she’s presented with. She believes wholeheartedly in Sharyl and her mission and is a better person for having been a part of Park East Pilates' ever growing success. 

Regina Arras, Equipment Engineering, Repair & Maintenance

A New York native, Regina received her B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL, in 2004. After a move to Seattle in 2005, she rediscovered Pilates as a training and practice all of its own and began to pursue an in-depth study of the method. In 2008, she decided to make Pilates a vocation and began studying at Metropolitan Pilates under the guidance of master teacher-trainer Dorothee VandeWalle. Regina became certified in 2009 after completing over 800 hours of comprehensive training including seminars, observation, practice, and both practical and written examinations all while maintaining a full-time position as a Structural Liaison Engineer for The Boeing Company.  Today, Regina continues to straddle both the Aerospace and the Fitness Industries, working for "New York's Hometown Airline" as an Aircraft Structures Engineer, providing personalized Pilates instruction on Long Island, NY, as well as bringing Pilates apparatus engineering, maintenance and repair services to Pilates studio owners in the Tri-State area. She believes that every Pilates student and teacher has the right to work out and teach on safe equipment. Just as we practice Pilates to maintain and strengthen our bodies, we are committed to strengthening and maintaining your equipment.  Regina is the Founder & Owner at Top Gun Pilates Engineering.

K. Gabrielle Rapport, Marketing & Business Development

Gabrielle Rapport has a passion for innovative entrepreneurship. She enjoys nothing more than working with talented people that share her enthusiasm for empowerment driven business and her time spent working with Sharyl since the inception of Park East Pilates has been deeply rewarding. Gabrielle brings a wealth of marketing and business development knowledge, and provides strategic advice, operational support, and an unwavering dedication to Sharyl's overall transformative growth and professional success.

Gabrielle earned a Bachelor of Science in International Trade & Marketing and Business Management from the State University of New York, FIT.  A serial entrepreneur and business professional, she extends a sweeping array of business development and marketing skills in a broad range of industries, including health and fitness, property management, Software as a Service (SaaS), natural foods and textiles manufacturing. 

Passionate about creating change through socially responsible business, Gabrielle is a member of the Social Enterprise Alliance and currently serves as Co-founder and Chairman of the Board for Operation Tiny Home, a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  


Vlada Korolova,       Artist-in-Residence

Vlada resides in sunny Dublin, Ireland. She is Ukrainian born, and somewhat Irish cut.  Vlada moved to Ireland with her family during the Celtic Tiger period in the mid-90's. Recently, Vlada spent a year living in New York City, studying Pilates, dance, photography, making new friends, and enjoying the arts and theatre that the big apple has to offer. 

Receiving an honors degree in Sports Management from the Dublin Institute of Technology, Vlada has over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.  With a varied skill set, including Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy and a commitment to expanding her education, Vlada researched the Pilates method, tried one session and fell in love with it "because it felt magical".  During her apprenticeship at True Pilates New York, Vlada shamelessly approached Sharyl about getting some advice on how to go about establishing a Pilates business. 

Sharyl and Vlada had an instant creative connection and began working together to preserve and keep alive the work of Joseph Pilates utilizing modern technology in the development of multimedia. Together they share a mission to preserve the art of Pilates to its highest standards, true to Joseph's vision to flourish beyond the oceans and continents.

Even though Vlada has recently returned to Dublin, she continues to creatively collaborate with Sharyl and Park East Pilates. A recent collaboration resulted in this artsy-fun motion stop video they produced together, presenting Pilates in a new light. 

Vlada is very passionate about developing as an artist, for that purpose she recently launched her blog at